Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dawpool Days and Big City Nights....

Dawpool Nature Reserve or the Wirral Line from West Kirby to Liverpool James Street. Which is going to give you the better birding? Over time it'll be Dawpool, no doubt about that, but not today. A quick trawl about the reserve produced nothing out of the ordinary, in fact nothing much ordinary either.

I return slightly miffed that there won't be much to "blog" about tonight.

No worries though, I'm meeting my good buddy Chris for noodles after work. I love the Wagamama's!

So I board the 17.36 train to Liverpool. To pass the time on a journey like this I see what birds I can spot from the train so I start to make a mental list as we roll out of the station.

Pied Wagtail in the West Kirby Concourse car park is a good start. Herring Gull and Black-headed Gull are wheeling over too.

Magpie and Collared Dove on Hoylake Municipal Golf Course.

Through Hoylake station with nothing new. Best I've seen here in the past is a Sparrowhawk attacking a pylon-full of Starling but all is quiet today.

On to Manor Road. Blackbird in the thicket as usual. There should be a Pheasant in the field as we leave this station. The hedge has got tall so it could be tricky. No, there he is. Strutting across the ground. 7 so far.

Pick up Wood Pigeon on the way to Meols. The pond here should boost the list. It does, with Mute Swan, Coot, Morehen and Mallard bobbing along amongst the lillies. Best I've seen here is a couple of Shoveller in January.

The long run from Meols to Moreton yields a male Kestrel over the horse paddocks. By the stable block are plenty of hirrundines. I can see the white rumps of House Martins and some Swallows but no Swifts.

From Moreton we head to Leasowe and add Carrion Crow and Starling as we slow into the station. There are feeders in a garden that backs on to the platform and in a tree above them in a Great Tit. 18 species.

Leasowe to Bidston can be the best stretch. Lapwing bred in the field and geese are regular. No sign today but the regular Buzzard is on it's regular perch.

On the way to Birkenhead North the train passes over the Birket. I've seen Teal here in the past but I settle for a big Grey Heron. On the warehouse roof there are plenty of gulls including Lesser and Greater Black Backed. Just off the gull flock is a lone Comorant, a good spot for the train! At the station itself I once heard a Common Whitethroat calling.

As the doors open at Birkenhead Park I catch the final bars of a Wren's song and this is the last bird I add to the train list as from here we head underground. I count up the species: 24 in all, several more than on Dawpool.

I'm quite happy now, the train journey has zipped by and I've something to post on the blog.

The noodles were great too.

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