Sunday, 1 January 2012

Reflections (part two)

The slate has been wiped clean. The clock struck midnight on the 31st and that was it. Reset.

2012 on the muddy banks of the Dee beckons, but I'm not quite done with the old year yet. I have my final 6 favourite images of 2011 to share. Again, in no particular order.

1. Yellow Wagtail at Leasowe. A bigger than usual fall of these migrants and I was on hand to record it. The Patch can throw up the odd surprise and it was cool to be there with these travellers...

2. Purple Sandpiper sleeping. Hilbre is an awesome place. I feel so lucky to have it as part of my Patch

3. Whimbrel. Again from Hilbre. Just passing through on migration but great to connect with these birds.

4. Common Whitethroat. The hedgerows would be a duller place without these guys.

5. Sand Martin chicks. So many afternoons and evenings after work whiled away observing their breeding colony - time well spent.

6. Black-tailed Godwit. When the Sand Martins had fledged my evenings were spent with these birds at Gilroy Nature Park. The warm evening light was something to relish. Probably my favourite bird on the Patch...

So there it is, 2011 in twelve firings of a camera shutter. What of 2012?

I have no hopes. This is not a sign of impending doom. No, I have expectations - I KNOW it is going to be great on the Patch. It always delivers. It is constant but ever changing. It reassures me, gives me perspective and keeps me grounded. It exists, it is happening now and will endure. I'll do my best to record it and it's cast of thousands.

Happy New Year.

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