Saturday, 22 June 2013

Golden Green... (these words are not my own...)

This post entirely inspired and authored by Tringa glareola.

Cruising along at a few thousand feet the clouds part and below I see a likely looking spot to drop in for a quick refuel.

There are a series of shallow, muddy lagoons delineated by some artificial stone causeways, a single track road separates these from some marshy pools. A lone silver car is parked, somewhat irresponsibly, in a passing place halfway along this road, but to be honest it looks pretty quiet so doesn't look like it'll be an issue. I drop on to the rush lined margin of the pool just as a non-descript looking human with a camera walks past, it doesn't notice me.

I start to wander about golden green fringe of the pond looking for something to fill the hole left in my stomach from the long flight.

Soon the non-descript human (NDH) with the lens returns from a circuit of the pools. This time it notices me and points the camera my way. It isn't too close so I carry on feeding. A fly takes off from the surface of the water. I wait for it to clear the emergent vegetation, reach my eye level, then pounce. Gulp.

This has attracted the attention of the NDH and it starts to edge very slowly closer. Eventually it lies down on the grass on the opposite side of the pool, the water is between me and it so I'm still cool with the situation, I carry on feeding, the NDH takes it's pictures.

I can see what the NDH is doing, going for a low angle, to get on "eye level" with me, but it wants to be careful I saw a sheep do a massive pooh there a few minutes ago. Its definitely going to get wet, the ground here is saturated after the snow melt. Looking closer at the NDH it looks like it has already had a good crapping on. Looks like a Knot dropping to me, right on its forehead. It continues with the pictures.

I'm feeding the NDH is shooting a lot of pictures, everyone is happy. Although I really think that lens should be on a tripod, it looks bloody heavy.

The peace is broken by the NDH when it grazes the aforementioned sheep pooh with it's elbow. It lets out what I presume is a dirty swear word in its language. With pooh on hat and coat it decides to cut its losses and retreat to the badly parked car. Me? Well I'm knackered from the flight and there is more ground to cover so as the NDH slopes off to clean itself up I stretch, yawn and settle down to catch a nap.

Evening all....


  1. Brilliant.
    And the pictures are pretty tasty too. :-)

    1. Cheers! A bit of fun with a Wood Sandpiper!

  2. Enjoyed reading this - the photos compliment the text wonderfully !

    Good stuff.