Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Patch Antics....

As promised, the second part of my 2013 in pictures.

This time all these pictures were taken on my Patch, the Patch. The Patch.

1) Spring - eventually.

Spring 2013 was late, but it was worth the wait. No better or more welcome sight on the Patch than a fall of Wheatears.

2) Heatwave

A proper summer! Days spent getting sun burned in the meadows with a slew of Small Coppers and Common Blues.

3) YG-GRflag

Yes, we all know I'm obsessed with colour ringed Black-tailed Godwits. This picture was taken on the 1st May at Gilroy Nature Park. In Iceland on 10th July I saw the same bird. Then on 7th August I was at Inner Marsh Farm when I saw..... yes, you guessed it, YG-GRflag. Mind boggling.

4) Frosted Orange

2013 has been my best year with the moth trap. The Frosted Orange is not a flavour of ice cream, nor is it a colour of paint available in all good DIY stores (although it could easily be!). The Frosted Orange is a moth I caught for the first time this year. A resolution for 2014 is definitely to do more moth trapping and to get better at photographing them.

5) Purp

Highlight of Hilbre. I can't get enough of these waders.

6) Rush Hour Crush

After looking through literally thousands of images that I had taken in 2013 this was my favourite. A huge flock of Knot at Hoylake. Walking away from the onrushing tide right towards my camera. They looked like commuters on a busy London tube platform or shoppers rushing to the Boxing Day sales.

So that is that. 2013. Done. Bring on the Patch in 2014.

Happy New Year....

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  1. Matt. I haven't commented on your blog before but I follow your travels on Deeside and elsewhere with great pleasure.Your accounts and images are wonderful and convey that special pleasure that we bird watchers and photographers enjoy so much.I really must get down to the Wirral soon to witness the spectacular wader flocks. I look forward very much to more from the muddy banks of the dee.