Sunday, 3 December 2017

This Fucus World...

A whole mess of life. Annelid worms, molluscs, bi-valves, crustaceans, thickets of seaweed, wrecks of shells, shattered, outgrown and discarded or pecked through. All heaped on mud, coarse sand and sandstone reef.

Across it stalks a Redshank. Legs brilliant orange in the winter sunshine.

Around this fucus world plods an Oystercatcher. Beak brilliant orange in the winter sunshine.

Tringa totanus, Haematopus ostralegus Fucus serratus Fucus vesiculosus et al.


  1. If you can ...go to fields adjacent to pensby high school....irby side....what was a field two weeks ago has now become a shallow lake...50plus duck have inhabited this place...shovelling along the bottom....find it amazing that birds can adapt this quickly...cheers Chris......

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